Day 275: Are You Sick of Cicada Posts Yet?

I’d mentioned a while back that I had not seen a cicada mid-molt yet this time ’round. That is deligtfully no longer that case. On a morning walk after a rain, I saw every stage of molting.

Day 261: First Periodical Cicada of 2021

This morning I was delighted to see my first adult periodical Cicada. It didn’t look too delighted about being out of the ground and a full adult when the outside temperature felt like 48 degrees. Brrrr!

It stayed on the lamppost for a couple hours, then was gone. I doubt it was able to fulfill it’s destiny in life since there were no others around.

Day 8: Mostly Birds and Bugs in the Backyard

Today was more productive. I organized the freezer, noting what was in there on an app I have used for years, but never kept up with it. Maybe this time. I also made hamburger buns and filled the hummingbird feeder. And finished laundry from yesterday.

Today’s delights included:

  • The first really ripe fig that the birds did not find first that Dean and I shared for a lunch treat.
  • The glorious weather! I think the Capital Weather Gang called it delightful (and if they didn’t, they should have).
  • The way the hummingbird patiently waited on a nearby branch of the rose of sharon while I poured nectar (one part sugar four parts water, NO DYE!) into the feeder, then flew to the feeder as soon as I was back in the house.
  • The cicada that landed in the same rose of sharon while I ate my oatmeal this morning, close enough for me to see its black eyes. It seemed to listen as I told it I was very much looking forward to its red-eyed cousins’ visit next spring.
  • The oddly large splotch of rainbow all the way across the room from my large faceted crystal that sits on the window sill.
  • The goldfinches feasting on the spent zinnias (glad I didn’t deadhead them today like I planned).
  • The PDF of the Mura board that Tim sent today with all the kind words from my colleagues.
The file is here if you want to read the notes, but don’t feel obligated.