Day 140: Progressive Lens Glasses

I’ve fought and fought with eye care professionals about getting progressive lenses stating that I knew I would hate them and knew they would make me nauseous. I finally gave in to an optometrist last week who promised I would love them and that they would make my life easier.

I picked up the glasses yesterday afternoon. The optician who handed me the glasses and ensured they were adjusted told me that I should probably not drive in them at first, but wear them around the house this weekend. She also laughed when I looked at my phone while wearing them and exclaimed my delight that I COULD READ MY PHONE! She said, jokingly, that had little faith in their services.

I did as I was told and put them on first thing this morning. All I can say is WOW! I can delightfully do everything (read the clock across the room, use my computer, read a book and use my phone) without changing glasses or taking my glasses off.

I do feel slightly nauseous while wearing them (and no, I don’t think it’s last night’s cocktails) but apparently that’s supposed to go away.