Day 15: The House to Myself

Before the pandemic I had the house to myself for at least 8 hours a day during the work week. Of course, I was also working, but it was pleasant not having someone else around for a good part of the day. I like silence, he likes background noises. I am quiet, he is not. I move slowly, he moves quickly.

Since the second week in March, there have been few days where he is out of the house for more than 45 minutes. It’s not terrible, not at all, but just not what I’d been used to, and not what I expected for my retirement, at least the first couple of years.

Last night Dean suggested we go to Mallows Bay where he could go kayaking among the sunken battleships and I could try out my new camera. I thought it was a great idea, but again I awoke in the middle of the night and when I finally got back to sleep, I didn’t want to get up early to drive a couple of hours to watch him kayak. He understood and went alone, leaving me the day to myself.

I made a list (including “shower” and “lunch”, Helen) and proceed to cross most of the items off as I quietly, slowly and silently went on with my day.

He came home with food for dinner which he cooked and, more importantly, several bottles of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc that he picked up at Total Wine on the way home. Sometimes he can be a delight!

Another delight was the monarch who visited my zinnias. (phone photo)