Day 257: Garage Doors Redux

Something I still need to write about on CCL is about the year Jeremy painted the garage doors. I’ll eventually get there, but today’s delight can’t wait. I trust my brother does not read my blog.

So Jeremy’s been posting to Facebook status updates about artwork he’s been working on. Kevin asked if Jeremy could recreate the work he did on the garage doors and I suggested that he do that, but include Mom and Dad.

Jeremy said he’d give it a go after I sent him some photos of his work from decades ago. He’s been keeping me updated with Messenger and we hatched a plan to send the finished product to Kevin in time for his birthday later this month.

Below are images of the original garage doors and his new creations. I certainly hope Kevin likes them as much as I do. I’ve sent Kevin some frames so he can hang them on the wall.

Day 76: Georgia and Zooming with the Burgoynes

Yay Georgia! Yay Stacey Abrams! Can I really have hope now that Biden will win?

I spent another day on Twitter, some of it in the wee hours of the morning where I learned about about Biden taking the lead in Georgia from Randy Rainbow’s tweet — screenshot above.

I had a delightful Zoom session with Jeremy and Frances. See, I posted on Facebook that I was planning to celebrate Rupert’s 100th Birthday on Sunday with cake and if anyone wanted to join us I would schedule a Zoom meeting. Jeremy sent me a message that he had never Zoomed and I suggested I show him how it was done. After a few false starts we were able to have a great conversation. I wish I’d gotten a screenshot.