Day 136: Kitchen & Mingus

I spent the entire day in the kitchen. While that might not sound delightful, it was delightful to me. I’d been meaning to clean out the fridge, so I did that. In addition, I organized a cabinet to better hold my fermenting equipment. I also made pita bread and that cottage pie I raved about a few weeks ago.

I also played with Mingus, who is staying with us while Andrew and Alex are in Atlanta. He has a toy that he adores. Our house has a center staircase, so you can go in a circle around the center part of the house: living room, hall, kitchen, dining room, entryway, back to the living room and sometimes I walk around the house pulling his toy behind me so he follows. I usually double back and surprise him as he stalks his toy.

Today I did that again, only he’s the one who is doubling back now — this time I did it in the kitchen around the island. The video below is not exactly what he’d been doing, but close enough. Made me laugh.

Days 127 – 129: De-Christmassing and Baking and Mingus

I spent these days starting to clear up the Christmas decorations — Dean doesn’t want to take the tree down yet, but it’s not as if we hang out near it since it is in the lodge.

I also baked yeasted bread and sourdough. Always delightful!

Mingus has been hanging around me more lately — although I suspect he likes the soft blanket I wrap up in on chilly mornings more than he likes me. Still, delightful.

Day 46: Sweet Relief

Andrew and Alex made plans to go away for a few days and asked if we’d take care of Mingus, their cat. We (I) love Mingus and was happy to have him stay for a few days. Mingus can be a delight.

As nearly always happens, however, Mingus escaped. Usually it is the fault of someone else, but this time it was completely my fault. I opened the kitchen door to empty the compost container and didn’t close the door after myself. As I walked up the steps, I saw movement (it was dark) and it took a few moments to realize that Mingus had gotten out. Again!

I knew he’d head towards the area under the deck and was grateful he did because he is pretty much stuck there (or so I thought) because the lattice openings are too small (or so I thought) for him to squeeze through. With Dean’s help (he made me a treat rattle out of cat food and a jelly jar) we (I) enticed Mingus to come close to us (me) (which he did from outside the underside of the deck), then I grabbed him (this time wearing protection) and carried him into the house, delightfully relieved.

It doesn’t seem so bad now, but it was an anxious half hour for Dean and me (mostly me, I think Dean was watching TV most of the time) — and probably a very happy half hour for Mingus (aka “the boy”, aka Mingo, aka Mango, aka little shit, aka hellcat).

Andrew had not left Bethesda yet, so I texted him, hoping he’d stop by and help.

Screenshot of a text message. Dona( 8 pm through 8:33 pm): Mingus got out. Under the deck. I'm sitting on the steps. He can't get past me. But... My fault. I left the kitchen door open when I was dumping the compost. Also my phone is low on energy and I'm sitting on the basement steps.
All clear. Mingus is inside
Andrew (an hour later): Omg I'm so sorry I missed this. Things are okay ?
Dona: Things are ok. no blood
Turns out he can get out from under the deck, this time he went back and I was able to grab him (thank you Ove Gloves).
Text messages during the crisis

The photo at the top of the page is from the last time he got out.