Days 325-327: Fun at the Lake

Andrew, Alex and Bennett (Clare’s friend from high school) arrived Monday night. I stayed up just long enough to welcome them and show them their rooms.

Because each day was similar, I’m grouping the delights together.

The pontoon boat was possibly the highlight of the trip. I think Dean took the crew out twice a day most days (Rupert, Chum, and I went out with them on Thursday). The kayaks were also a big hit; he Airbnb had two and Dean brought his two. We also used the fire pit. It was delightful watching everyone have so much fun.

Fire Pit Night

Things that Float

Rupert and Chum go boating

Day 321: Pete

Clare has been with Pete since just before Covid hit Washington State. They seem like a good match and Pete seems like a good person. He makes Clare happy, and that’s delightful for me.

I’d communicated with Pete through emails and text messages over the course of the past year or so, mostly regarding surprises for Clare, but we also talked about gardens and he even helped me with altering a logo for our film group.

I met him for the first time yesterday when we picked Clare and him up at Dulles. Among other things, he’s kind, smart, soft-spoken, articulate, and appreciative.

Today I drove Pete to Richmond where he was to meet up with his sister who lives there. He’ll spend the night then drive with his sister and her children to Lake Gaston. We’ll all meet up later at the lake.