Day 7: The First Day (of Retirement)

I didn’t get much accomplished today, cleaned a couple of shelves in the fridge, enough to make room for groceries we needed. I did organize my Feedly feeds though, so now it will be easier for me to read blogs I follow. I also read and commented on a few entries. I thought for sure I’d be full of enthusiasm about organizing something real, like a cupboard or drawer. Instead, I pretty much lazed around.

Today’s runner-up delight was brought to us by a former hurricane named Laura. RAIN! The plants needed to be watered and Laura’s remnants did that for us. I only wish she’d not been so destructive before she watered my plants.

Today’s main delight is a vinca vine that found its way through a tiny crevice around the basement window above Dean’s desk. It’s about two feet long now and, against the white wall, lovely.

I imagine that if our house were abandoned, all sorts of vines would come in through various crevices in the walls.