Day 260: Mother’s Day

It was a delightful Mother’s Day this year. Clare called around 2:30 and Andrew and Alex stopped by shortly after that. We all had a nice chat until Clare needed to get back to work.

Andrew and Alex helped plant a spiderwort (at least I think that’s what it is) that Anne Pemberton gave me this morning. We also pulled mugwort out of the bed where it was trying to take over.

We ordered from our favorite Korean restaurant, House of Milae, and for dessert had pastries that Andrew and Alex picked up at Breads Unlimited.

Andrew gave me a spiral ginger plant. They also gave me a copy of Amanda Gorman’s poem that she read at the Inauguration. Alex gave me calming tea she created.

At one point during the evening I saw a text from Clare asking if I’d seen her video. I figured I’d wait until Andrew and Alex left before checking it out. Then Dean checked his phone and showed us the video. Clare recorded herself singing the chorus of Dan Bern’s Jerusalem!

This was a memorable Mother’s Day. The only thing missing was Clare, but she nearly made up for her absence.

Days 247-249: Still Home

As delightful as the get-away was, it was also delightful to be home. At home the chairs are all comfortable (the Airbnb had chairs, but only one inside one was comfortable and that’s where Dean chose to work all day. The bedroom porch had two comfortable chairs, but the weather was not always nice enough to spend time there.

At home we have two indoor showers. The Airbnb had a shower, but it was outside and while it was fun showering there when the weather was nice, it was not so nice when the weather was chilly.

I was happy to be home with my plants — plants really make me happy these days. I was delighted to see that the snapdragon that planted itself in a crack in the front porch was in full bloom when we got home!

Day 1: It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I wanna

New year, new blog, new challenge. While New Year’s Day is often the day I/we set out to become better people in some way or another, birthdays are also days we can start afresh. In the past I’ve meant to do that selfie-a-day thing, but usually stopped after a couple. One year I tried a photo a day. That didn’t last long either.

My challenge is not to fulfill any resolutions, but to simply look for the good every day; the delights as Ross Gay, whose theme of The Book of Delights I am borrowing for a year, calls them.

I’ve not decided for sure when I will write, but I think it will be at day’s end and document the day’s delights. While I hope to write daily, I am sure I will miss a day or two or perhaps a week or two.

I’ll update this post before I go to bed tonight to add my day’s delights.

Some visual delights today, too tired to write.