Days 92 – 94: Planning and Cooking

We’d hoped to host Alex’s parents and brother for Thanksgiving this year. They’d drive up from Atlanta and stay at a friend’s condo in Silver Spring. Unfortunately with the upsurge of Covid cases everyone agreed that it was best for them to stay in Atlanta.

Andrew, Alex, Dean and I agreed to quarantine for over a week so the four of us could feel safe having a smaller Thanksgiving together.

Our plans for smoked turkey were put on hold since Andrew and Alex are vegetarians-who-eat-fish-when-pressed. I ordered good salmon from the Fish Guys (I cannot believe I have not written about the Fish Guys!!!) and started thinking about vegetarian side dishes.


A friend on Facebook posted a photo of his meal and called it a Higgidy Chicken Pie. I assumed it was a type of Yorkshire dish and , but it turned out that Higgidy is a brand of prepared meals in the UK. I then went down a brief but satisfying Internet rabbit hole after which I was the proud owner of two Higgidy (Kindle) cookbooks, one of which was a vegetarian cookbook. In it I found recipes for a Christmassy nut loaf and a miso, chard and squash pie.

I sent Andrew and Alex the menu and they approved.

  • Salmon (Smoked on Big Green Egg) — Dean’s job
  • Miso Squash & Chard Pie
  • Cranberry & Porcini Nut Roast with onion gravy
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Bread (probably sourdough or dinner rolls) — Andrew’s task
  • Stuffing
  • Dessert — Alex’s surprise