Day 322: Hanging with Clare

I spent the day with Clare, some of which was delightful. Being with her is always delightful, but being with anyone while driving in Bethesda on a Saturday, then going to the mall (to go to an Apple store) on a Saturday is definitely not delightful. I know I was not a delightful companion for some of the day.

Dean, Clare and I had a mostly delightful dinner at Pines of Rome.

Breakfast was delightful (photo above).

Day 272: Rice for Breakfast

I like rice. I have always liked rice. When I used to babysit, and if the parents had Minute Rice (r) in their pantry, I’d often make myself a bowl of rice as a snack.

This morning I made myself a bowl of rice with rice seasoning and hardboiled egg. It was delightful.

Day 26: The Egg Man and a Pumpkin

In mid-March (St. Patrick’s Day to be exact) of this year I heard about a farm in rural Virginia that delivered eggs to our area. Since we’ve established that I love eggs this was a no-brainer for me so I signed on to receive eggs from Valandia Farm. In addition to chicken eggs they sell duck eggs and several kinds of vegetables throughout the year.

One of my favorite parts about getting eggs from Valandia Farm is that the farmers regularly post photos of the chickens that lay the eggs we buy. (Also ducks).

My first delivery included a dozen chicken eggs, half a dozen duck eggs and some garlic. I’d never had duck eggs, and was excited to try them. I cracked one and fried it but I must admit, I am not a fan of duck eggs. The taste is different enough that I only ate one as an egg, however, they are very good for baking, so I used the rest for cakes.

I’ve gotten several deliveries from the farm, mostly eggs, but also tomatoes, garlic, onions, potatoes (purple!) and cucumbers. Today I received a pumpkin.

This pumpkin was featured on their Facebook page because it settled and grew in a white vinyl garden chair. When Rick came to deliver my eggs, garlic and pumpkin today I was ready for him, including a chair for the pumpkin.

Day 23: Baked (Shirred) Eggs

One of my Facebook friends (an old flatmate‘s brother) started posting photos of his breakfasts (usually involving eggs) a couple of years ago. He became friends with Jeremy (they knew each other in grammar school) who then began posting photos of his (mostly eggy) breakfasts. I joined the fun and created the hashtag #theeggchronicles for such posts.

Regarding eggs, I cannot think of a way someone could cook an egg and I would not enjoy eating it. Maybe pickled, but maybe I would love since one of my favorite breakfasts is hard boiled eggs with sauerkraut and cottage cheese. Another favorite is to bake eggs in a small ramekin whose inside has been coated with butter. I sometimes add minced shallots and a dash of cream, then top it off with some sort of spice blend. I often cook these with a pre-cooked turkey sausage patty and a frozen, premade buttermilk biscuit. That’s what I made for breakfast today and it was delightful.

As I mentioned on Facebook, the egg in the photo is not burned. I sprinkled a little too much Arizona Dreaming (a Penzey’s spice blend) on the top.