Day 313: A Missing Delight from the Previous Post, Alex’s Parents, and a Surprise Wildflower Arrangement

When I wrote the last post I think I forgot to mention that Alex and I went shopping for the engagement party on Monday, June 28. It was delightfully enjoyable to spend the day just with Alex. I can’t believe our luck in having her as a future daughter-in-law. Unless everyone finds it too schmaltzy, I may use the term daughter-in-love, as my friend Mindie does.

Today, I had the delightful pleasure of hanging out with Alex’s parents, John and Lisa Guyton. We toured the proposed wedding venue and then took a walk on the C&O Canal at The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park (which I have always referred to as Great Falls). After that we had an impromptu lunch of cheese and crackers because the weather turned nasty. (We didn’t know, but there was a tornado warning for our area at the time). John and Lisa are such fun. Again — I cannot believe our luck.

Finally, our egg couple went above and beyond with a flower arrangement that dazzled us all. Rick delivered it along with my egg and greens when Lisa and John were here. Our jaws dropped when we saw it. I was expecting something much smaller, and without a vase, but since I’d mentioned it was for the engagement party Valerie and Rick made it extra special.

Day 196: Postcards from Canada, Also the Egg Woman

These actually arrived yesterday but I was busy making viral a TikTok recipe and entertaining so I didn’t see the envelope containing a series of postcards of remarkable women with parts of a serial letter written on each. Who but our dear friend Helen would be so creative?

Helen, if you read this, it was an absolute delight to receive your postcards. I was able to read every word!

The other delight of the day was an email exchange with the Egg Man’s wife. She’s having some issues with her Facebook page for the farm and I offered to help her set up a blog for her photos. She wanted to see an example of WordPress so I sent her here where she found the blog post about her husband and the pumpkin and seemed delighted.

I am glad she enjoyed the post. I meant to send it to her after I wrote it, but forgot.

Day 26: The Egg Man and a Pumpkin

In mid-March (St. Patrick’s Day to be exact) of this year I heard about a farm in rural Virginia that delivered eggs to our area. Since we’ve established that I love eggs this was a no-brainer for me so I signed on to receive eggs from Valandia Farm. In addition to chicken eggs they sell duck eggs and several kinds of vegetables throughout the year.

One of my favorite parts about getting eggs from Valandia Farm is that the farmers regularly post photos of the chickens that lay the eggs we buy. (Also ducks).

My first delivery included a dozen chicken eggs, half a dozen duck eggs and some garlic. I’d never had duck eggs, and was excited to try them. I cracked one and fried it but I must admit, I am not a fan of duck eggs. The taste is different enough that I only ate one as an egg, however, they are very good for baking, so I used the rest for cakes.

I’ve gotten several deliveries from the farm, mostly eggs, but also tomatoes, garlic, onions, potatoes (purple!) and cucumbers. Today I received a pumpkin.

This pumpkin was featured on their Facebook page because it settled and grew in a white vinyl garden chair. When Rick came to deliver my eggs, garlic and pumpkin today I was ready for him, including a chair for the pumpkin.